Dental care for mother and baby during pregnancy and Paediatric dentistry

Dentists know how important good dental health is for children so we pay particular attention to prevention and parent education so that your children can grow up with healthy, perfect teeth.

Odontología materno-infantil y Odontopediatría en Madrid - clínica dental González Baquero en Alberto Aguilera Madrid

Our paediatric dentist develops corrective and preventive programmes for your child’s teeth from their very first visit to the clinic, which, according to the Sociedad Española de Odontopediatría (Spanish Society of Paediatric Dentistry), should take place during their first year of life or when their first tooth comes through. It is at this visit that our specialist will educate parents on basic dental care in order to maintain good oral health during your child’s early years of life, which is vital for establishing solid hygiene habits when they get older.

Paediatric dentistry

Children should see a paediatric dentist at least twice a year after the age of two since the paediatric dentist is responsible for teaching the child and his/her parents good oral hygiene habits to keep the child’s teeth healthy in their adult life.

A check-up of the child’s maxillary structures and milk teeth is essential to ensure that the child’s growth is completely normal and, if any irregularity is detected, to try and correct it as soon as possible. Here at the González Baquero Dental Clinic we have a dental care programme for children that includes regular check-ups, fluoride treatment and oral hygiene techniques by our paediatric dentist.

Dental care for mother and baby during pregnancy

Dental care for mother and baby during pregnancy is another exclusive service offered by our clinic, which is aimed at providing the necessary dental care to mothers and their babies. Its main aim is the prevention and correction of any oral or dental problem.

Our specialists recommend that expecting mothers come in for a check-up within the first few weeks of pregnancy. During this stage there is an increased risk of cavities and swollen or bleeding gums, and oral assessment and diagnosis is therefore important to be able to commence any necessary preventive measures, especially those relating to adequate oral hygiene.