Fidelity Card

Because we want to provide our patients with the very best service, we offer various types of González Baquero Fidelity Card according to each patient’s needs.

With our Fidelity Card, you will get up to 15% off dental treatments and also many other benefits, ranging from free check-ups and cleaning to significant discounts on other treatments. Our goal is to ensure that your teeth receive the care they reserve.

Taarjeta fidelity - Clínica Dental González Baquero en Alberto Aguilera, Arguelles Madrid

We offer the most exclusive oral health services to give you an impeccable smile.

Benefit from the most exclusive oral health services for your whole family. Choose the type of card that best meets your needs!

Because a perfect smile is possible at any age, ask for our González Baquero Fidelity Card today to receive the most exclusive oral health services.