Same-day implants

When teeth have been damaged by trauma or decay, implant treatment must be started to quickly restore the patient’s smile to the highest standard.

The immediate loading technique allows the patient to go home with brand new teeth after just one appointment. Using computer-guided surgery, our specialist, Dr Álvaro González Baquero, carries out a preliminary study of the patient’s teeth in3D which allows him to accurately plan all dental implants with a minimal margin of error before starting treatment in the patient’s mouth. The technique can be used to replace individual or all teeth..

Surgery is minimally invasive for the patient since the specialist can carry out the surgery by hardly cutting or stitching the gums, which is a huge advantage for the patient during the post-operative period.  

The presence of bone loss is also not a problem. Current regeneration techniques achieve adequate bone and gum volume without prolonging treatment and with minimal discomfort.

Immediate loading avoids the use of removable prostheses during the healing process. Bad teeth are extracted and implants and provisional crowns are fitted at the same appointment so the patient can use them without any problem.

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The Swiss manufacturer Straumann produces the highest quality implants in the world, with more than 30 years of technological development. The Straumann Dental Implant System is the most widely used implant system in the world because the quality of the implants exceeds international standards, making it the undisputed industry leader. Straumann is present in 70 countries and more than 4 million implants have been fitted. Furthermore, all patients have reported an excellent level of satisfaction.

Implants and conscious sedation


During treatment, the anaesthetist monitors the patient and adjusts sedation so that the patient is conscious at all times but feels calm and relaxed. The specialist can therefore work without problems while the patient benefits from increased comfort during the implant procedure. After completing the surgery, the patient can go home without a prolonged recovery time.

Dr Álvaro González-Baquero, specialist implantologist and periodontist

  • Graduated in Dentistry from the European University of Madrid (UEM).
  • Implantology and periodontics at the New York university, EE.UU.
  • Implantology by the UEM after completing his Master’s degree and Periodontal Plastic Surgery specialist.
  • He works as a professor at the European University of Madrid and has spoken at several national conferences.

The main advantages of immediate loading

signs Single-stage surgery.

signs All teeth restored in one day using conscious sedation.

signs No removable prostheses.

signsTop-quality implants: Straumann.

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